Most importantly, we have a premier customer service.  Our business is family owned and operated continually for over 56 years of the 138+ years that Trein's has been in existence.

We embark on regular trips to Belgium to buy diamonds and the Czech Republic to buy Art Glass, some of which we design in house.  We work with the artisans to create beautiful masterful collections of Art Glass.


We are active in our community and have taken leadership roles in many organizations.  

Giving back to the community is the right thing to do.





We offer exquisite jewelry, gemological expertise, and great value.  

Let us show you what makes us unique.


Engagement and Wedding time. Have it your way...pertinent suggestion including colored gemstones such as blue sapphires.

Trein's Jewelry, Dixon. IL

Diamond Trade Up

As Your Love Grows, So Can Your Diamonds.   Many people participate in this amazing program only at Trein's.    You can trade-in your earrings from us any increment you would like and not lose a cent from what you paid.  If you paid $425, you have $425 toward larger ones.

Signature Brand 

Our watches have the name "Trein's" engraved on the dial.  They were made in Switzerland and assembled in the USA. These watches are beautiful and elegant. The bands are smooth and stylish.

Our suppliers are MEMBERS of


All pearls are cultured.

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams"  

Dr. Seuss


Consider these offerings for Anniversaries, Holidays, and just plain, "I Love You" gifts. (Even for Yourself)

Beautiful jewelry for any special occasion - or "just because".

This column is 14K

Shimmering Peridot Heart, set in Sterling Silver.  Will pair nicely with most colors and will dress up, or dress.  Stylish! $109

Available in other colored gemstones.  Might be nice to have her birthstone or her favorite color.

Sterling Silver decorative ring with Amethyst beauty. Something for everyone! $95

Don't forget, we gift wrap for FREE.

A Diamond Ring to grab her attention! A winner, a home run!  Go ahead!  $1899

14K white gold.  Designed to be one of her most beautiful right hand rings.

Diamond, 14K white gold necklace (adjustable).


14K white gold necklace with graceful heart.


Pendant in Sterling Silver reminds me of a sea shell.  This is not flat, there is dimension and texture. And it is a designer piece made by Frederic Duclos. $195

Many other Duclos designer pieces, look for the Frederic Duclos page.

Heart Beat - 14K White Gold Pendant

Make a statement. $195

Celestial Necklace in 14K yellow gold, adjustable length.


Trein's Jewelry Website is filled with Beautiful Jewelry guaranteed to fill all of your jewelry needs. Take a look at each page and call us 815 284-6626

To round out your gift giving, check out

The Crystal Cork and  The Asterisk Boutique


And have a cup of great coffee and the freshest pastry at Coffee Crush, on Peoria.


do All things with great Love