Dia Line Brac
Dia bracelet
Cherish Pendant
$949 0.26cttw
Dia heart 0.10carat14K
2 tone bypass $889
14Kw Love Loop
Dia Hoop CTW 0.14
3 Diamond 1/10
Diva Diamond
2 tone Diamond
Heart Shape necklace
1/3 ctw 14K w/g
Shimmering Diamond
Necklace in 14K Yellow
Rose Gold Heart
Shimmering Diamond
Rose Gold
Pear shaped Pendant
2 Tone Pendant
14K Yellow and White Gold
Infinity Necklace
14K White Gold
Rose Gold
With Diamonds
Circle Necklace
2 Tone with Diamonds
Oval Pendant
14K White Gold
14K White gold
Diamond Heart
14K White gold 0.10ct TW
Linked Circles
14K White Gold
Diamond Cross
14K Yellow Gold
Diamond Cross
14K white gold
Amethyst & Diamonds
14K rose gold
Blue Topaz & Diamonds
14K White Gold 0.88Ct
Blue Topaz & Diamonds
Cross Pendant
0.09 ct. 14K Y
Two tone Cross
Diamond Cross
14K Designer Pendant
Diamond ER
14K Combined Shapes
14K Long Pendant
14K Feminine
14K Feminine
14K Graceful
14K graduated
14K Dia. E/R
Diamond hoop
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Trein's Trade Up Program is one of the best programs to help our customers increase the size of their diamond earrings, diamonds in rings, or other diamond jewelry.  The program works really well with diamond stud earrings. Diamond stud earrings start at about $185 and you can start anywhere.  When it comes time to increase the size of your diamond (and who doesn't want to do that), whatever you paid for the most recent ones is what you can put toward your next pair. You always get every penny that you put toward the diamond.  

Diamond Hoop Earrings are the Building Blocks of an iconic look.

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