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This image shows the jewelry that was used to create something new for the customer with pieces that she already had.

CAD images of the jewelry combined into one ring. A designer imagines what many stones of different sizes, shapes, and colors can be blended into one ring.  

In every custom design there is a story behind it.

The final piece being worn by a very happy lady.  Each piece had sentimental value to her, so there is a story that goes with it.

Pink Sugar

CUSTOM you dream of what your ideal jewelry would look like?  Do you look at a piece of jewelry and think, if only this or that looked different?

Our designer is highly trained and has talent interpreting what can be created while offering ideas.  It is simple.  Talk with our designer Eric. He will create a drawing, a wax, cast and create your piece in 14K, 18K, yellow or white gold or platinum.  Trein's designer is an artist in jewelry making.  We will walk you through the process each step of the way and you will wonder why you waited.

Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

JEWELRY REPAIR...we do most kinds of jewelry repair from re-cutting diamonds to sizing rings and installing watch batteries.  We use state of the art equipment like the laser welder that opens the doors on manufacturing and repair.  Eric is a specialist in laser welding.


ENGRAVING...the state of the art engraving machine that Eric uses is GRAVOGRAPH M40G. It will with Eric's direction engrave almost anything in any font, including your logo on glass and metals.




CERTIFIED APPRAISALS...Trein's is capable of creating an appraisal of all of your jewelry accurately.  We have a CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST APPRAISER on staff.  We are able to offer quick turn-around on appraisals at a reasonable price.  We clean and evaluate your jewelry as well as give you two copies of your appraisal document.  One copy is for yourself and one for your insurance company. 

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FINANCIAL interest for 12 months.  How it works...apply for a card through Trein's, get instant (approved) credit and make a purchase.  Greater purchasing power.  

If you plan to purchase in the near future, apply now and be ready.






YES...we do layaways    


YES...we take credit cards    


YES...we buy gold and pay the best prices.



WISH LIST...our computer program will keep a wish list for you.  Shop around Trein's at your leisure and we will keep a list of things you love.  It is a registry for you and it is computerized.  Then how easy it is for your spouse or friends to know just what you want without asking you?   

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TRADE UP PROGRAM...our trade-up program is an amazing program for our customers that allows them to upgrade their diamond and receive 100% credit on your trade-in. The trade-up program is used often for diamond stud earrings and diamond stud necklace.  You can upgrade your diamond earrings, or whatever and not return the originals until after the event that you are making the upgrade (like birthdays or Christmas, etc.)  Sound easy?  It is.

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Trein's is the oldest retail business in the community of Dixon, IL.

There have been many changes over the years and this small store has stayed in the fore-front.  And our plans are to be here for many years to come.


OUR STORY since 1883


Trein's is owned and operated by the Brantley family.

Eric and Judy are the son and daughter-in-law of Linda and Gordon Brantley and now own and operate the business.  Gordon was the prime inspiration to keep the business running in the manner it is today.  He taught us all honesty, integrity, and to simply to treat everyone right.  Good lesson for a business to abide by for longevity.

We recognize that change is necessary in all of life, so we are diligent in keeping up with change.  In education we make a strong effort to stay on the leading edge of education and industry advancements.

We believe in continued education and state of the art equipment.  We also believe in travel to advance our knowledge and expand our experience.

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