Most importantly, we have a premier customer service.  Our business is family owned and operated continually for over 55 years of the 135+ years that Trein's has been in existence.

We embark on regular trips to Belgium to buy diamonds and the Czech Republic to buy Art Glass, some of which we design in house.  We work with the artisans to create beautiful masterful collections of Art Glass.


We are active in our community and have taken leadership roles in many organizations.  

Giving back to the community is the right thing to do.





We offer exquisite jewelry, gemological expertise, and great value.  

Let us show you what makes us unique.


Trein's Jewelry

201 West First St.

Dixon, IL 61021


Engagement and Wedding time. Have it your way...pertinent suggestion including colored gemstones such as blue sapphires.

Diamond Trade Up

As Your Love Grows, So Can Your Diamonds.   Many people participate in this amazing program only at Trein's.    You can trade-in your earrings from us any increment you would like and not lose a cent from what you paid.  If you paid $425, you have $425 toward larger ones.

Signature Brand 

Our watches have the name "Trein's" engraved on the dial.  They were made in Switzerland and assembled in the USA. These watches are beautiful and elegant. The bands are smooth and stylish.

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams"  

Dr. Seuss

Our suppliers are MEMBERS of


All pearls are cultured.

Tahitian & Dia. 14K $1175
FWP E/R $150
White/Dyed Black $150
Tahitian Pearl $450
14K Pearl & Dia  $995
14KY Akoya/Dia $1675
Tahitian $150
Silver Cuff Brac $295
FWP Drop $185
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14K W Neck $1109
Sterling Cross $199
14K WG 1/4CTW $1069
14K White Neck. $1529
14K W E/R $1819
14KWG 1/5ct $809
14Ky Garnet $439
14K W Bl Top $439
14K Diamond Neck $839
14K WG 1/4ctw $939
14K WG $1279
14K Dia.brac. $739
14K WG 3/4ctw $1959
14K Fashion Dia. $475
14K Fashion $495
14Kwg 1/3 $1309
14Kw 1/4cttw $1029
14k wg 1/4cttw $999
14K W Dia., Ruby $550
14Kwg 1/5cttw $609
14K wg 1/3ctw $1159
14Kwg 1/4cttw $1159
14K Dia. E/R $1319
14kw $269
14K Peridot $269
14K $269
14K rose set $2128
Sterling $129
Sterling $129
Sterling E/R $159
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You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars.

Donation Request Form

Thank you for the opportunity to donate to your cause. We are always excited to explore new ways to contribute to the community. Therefore, we set aside funds every year to make that possible. Some examples of our contributions include but are not limited to: Granny Rose Animal Shelter, CASA, Shining Star, The Next Picture Show, and Hospice care; as well as private fundraisers.

For consideration of your cause and/or event please provide us with the information requested below.


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Thanks again for this opportunity. Please allow us 2 to 4 weeks to process your request.

14k wg 1/4cttw $999